In all honesty…. you don’t. Raise your hands if you go to a tax service, listening to the mumbo jumbo like you understand (but you don’t) only to get through the annual ordeal just to get to the end of the whole meeting for your tax refund. That’s really all you care about. Your tax refund. And you’re even willing to pay a hefty fee for it.

So Wouldn’t It Make Sense to Go Where You Can Review a Particular Tax Service Before Signing Up for It?

This is where the Income Tax Service Reviews comes in. This is your go-to. Your central hub of information. Your insider’s look at the best services out there, plus news and updates on U.S. taxes, reform and legal issues. You can read the reviews on all sorts of tax services out there right now. Research carefully. After all, you don’t want to miss even one deduction off your tax return! Enjoy….




5 stars

2hourtaxreturn screenshotConvenience. That’s what this service does for the average American taxpayer. And believe us: when it comes to taxes, convenience is key. Expediency is key, too. Utilizing a network of tax specialists, the service gives any client quick access to a licensed professional without even having to leave the house.

Essentially, this takes the autonomy of services like TurboTax, merges it with the professionalism that is something like H&R Block, and that’s what you get. An easy-to-use service, painless, and for a low, low cost of $99, directly taken out of your tax return. That’s worth the five stars for us.

For more information about your 2-hour tax return, visit the service right here.



5 stars

ITPN ScreenshotCollaboration. Personalization. And also — convenience. The Income Tax Planning Network (also known as ITPN), like the 2-hour tax return, brings forth those same benefits you’d expect in today’s world. No lines to wait in. No hefty one-time fees. However, ITPN takes it a few steps further, bringing in affiliate services and an exciting Income Referral Program, bringing in revenue for you, the taxpayer, just for bringing another customer to them.

You can’t beat those benefits. The best part, though, is you can get all of their services any time you want, for just a low monthly payment of $25. The focus is the trend we see in exemplary services already, evolving from the one-time customer to a membership, and that’s why ITPN hits the 5-star mark with ease.

For more information about ITPN, click this link here and visit their site as well.




hrblock screenshot

4 starsWe’ve got to be honest here: you can’t knock a reputation like what H&R Block has, having been in the industry for a number of decades and a plethora of experiences under their belt, but let’s look at the wealth of issues regarding customer service due to screw-ups by some of the tax reps belonging to the company, for starters. In playing devil’s advocate, though, you can’t truly blame the company given tax preparers and associates are human and can make mistakes as well, especially when the workflow’s so astronomical for them. They end up having to work their butts off! There’s something to be said, however, when you’ve got long lines of people wanting their taxes done, and the pressure’s on, hence why services like TurboTax came into being and also why H&R Block developed their own line of DIY tax software, which apparently doesn’t do much favors for the online customer in many cases. To top it off, their services are a bit pricey, weighing in the repercussions of tax audit here and tax audit there.

In other words, as behemoth as H&R Block is, there are situations where even they can be stretched too thin, and that can be bad for business. Taxes are tricky. And if there’s one thing you need to know about tax services, is that the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Four stars, easy.

For more information about their services, visit their website right here




turbotax screenshot4 starsWe’re all for innovation here, and believe us when we say the expert thinkers and idealists over at TurboTax had something going here for good reason. The consumer has control with this service. There’s no having to go to the office, schedule an appointment, or pay a hefty fee to have someone else do the taxes for you. It sounds appealing (and for many, it definitely was). There’s just one slight problem:

Anything happening online, in the jungle called ‘cyberspace’, can go the direction of the Dodo, what with massive identity theft issues and digital errors that can affect the landscape for thousands, possibly millions. And here’s the scariest thing about that: it actually happened to the service recently, and sadly it left a sour taste in the mouth for many with the prospect of “doing taxes yourself.” After all, you might have questions about your taxes that no software out there can answer. It’s a fair point to make. Still…. You can’t deny the success of TurboTax. But make no mistake: it’s not for everyone, at least in this day and age.

For more information about TurboTax’s services, please visit their link here.

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